Here’s a sampling of my video work: more can be found on my YouTube Channel

Cinematic Villains Tribute: 

A fairly old video of mine (hence the bad film quality), but one I’m still rather proud of. It’s a tribute to some of the great villains of cinema.

Batman Rogues Gallery – This is Halloween

A fun little Halloween video centered around the Batman villains:

Rodan Appreciation:

The mainstay on my YouTube Channel is my ongoing series of ‘Kaiju Appreciations:’ musical tributes to characters from the Godzilla series. Here is a sampling:

Kumonga Appreciation:

Biollante Appreciation:

King Kong Appreciation:

Minya Appreciation:

Female Kaiju Appreciation:

And this one I did as an April Fool’s Day gag, but it turned out to be fairly popular with viewers.


Graphic Design

And here is some of my graphic design and photo-manipulation work (just starting out with that, so not much to show yet):



And this is a cover for a bit of fan-fiction I wrote:

G v MLP2.png